Over the years, I have noticed an increase in small business owners working on Sundays. Increasingly more and more business emails come in on Sunday. It seems over-worked small business owners are taking the opportunity to catch-up on communications and check items off their task lists while they are less likely to be distracted by day-to-day business operations.

Saturday became a regular work day a long time ago, but one likely reason for this increase of work on Sundays is technology. We are always connected to the Internet, so we are always connected to work and reminded we have tasks to finish.

Another reason may be that business culture tends to favor those who are busy. Not doing work on a day off when there is work to be done makes people feel lazy or unproductive. We place a very high value on how full someone’s day was instead of how fulfilling the day was.

Sunday is considered by many around the world to be a holy day. The Bible mentions this day of worship in the books of Acts, Corinthians, Genesis, Exodus, Galatians, Isiah, Deuteronomy, John, Hebrews, Romans, and possibly more. I am far from being a Biblical scholar, but it must be an important concept to be mentioned so many times.

Some people’s faith keep them from working on holy days, whether that day is observed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  Personally, my faith does not keep me from working on Sunday. I have worked many Sundays of my life and am often one of those people sending emails and catching up on tasks.

Although, I have spent the last few years working to reduce the Sundays I spend in the office and try to save the day for fun with the family.

I believe Sundays should be off limits for work. It concerns me that as a society we don’t take a collective day off each week. Whether that day is for worship, alone time, or family time we need to rest, reflect, and recharge. Sunday is a great day to remind us that there is much more to life than the work we do.

Don’t expect the amount of hours logged on Sundays to diminish any time soon.  In the United States, we can’t even take one collective day off yearly, let alone weekly; as many businesses are now open on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Small business owners now regularly use the extra day in the week to catch up. What happens when that day gets full and we realize there is no 8th day?

And on the seventh day everyone finished their work yet to be done and never rested.

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  1. i had noticed this too back in the early 2000’s. especially sunday afternoon and sunday evening. it seemed like people were getting ready of the next week so they were inquiring or trying to set up meetings.

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