Checkout what I found in Newhall, California.

Graffiti? No.

Fast Food? No.

Phone booths? Yes!

It has been a long time since I have seen a phone booth and did even notice these the last time I was at this gas station.  I am pretty sure one of them doesn’t work since the phone is missing and would assume the other one is non-functional as well.

In a community that makes Vanity Smurf look humble it surprised me that they are still standing. What power does this gas station owner have over the city to keep these phone booths standing tall?

The only logical thing is that they were grandfathered in as part of the Clark Kent Clause. Kind of like your girlfriend having “a drawer” at your place, Superman needs to have at least one phone booth in the city.

You never know when he will need to save us from aliens with funky beards or just wants to spend the day at Magic Mountain.

If your kids have never seen a phone booth (or graffiti), you can visit one here:

View Phone booth in a larger map

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