In the community were I live, there is a swimming pool for use by all that live in our development. It is a fairly well-maintained common area that is paid for by the HOA from homeowner dues.

I have no complaint, just an observation on how much signage there is. There are a lot of rules. Some signs are there to make sure those with little brain activity don’t hurt themselves.  Other signs are just there to serve as a CYA in the case that someone does get hurt.

However, there are three signs that always catch my attention. One I don’t understand, one is a typo ( I hope), and another is confusing. Let’s start with the one I don’t understand.

1. Active Diarrhea

signNear the end of last year, a California law requires that public pools have signage stating that if you have or are currently experiencing active diarrhea within 14 days you can’t swim.  I don’t understand why this became an issue in 2012. Is diarrhea more dangerous now?

I understand how same-day active diarrhea could be problematic for someone wanting to swim and might contaminate the pool with more than just the normal kid urine, mucus, skin cells and other mystery secretions. Why 14 days? What happens on the 15th day that makes it ok to swim?


2. Kids Under One

kids_swimThis sign is posted next to the spa. It states that unsupervised use by children under the age of 1 is prohibited. I am pretty sure it is supposed to read “under the age of 14.”  Every time I see it, I have visions of toddlers hanging by the pool pounding bottles of their favorite beverage talking about how nice it is to relax and get away from their moms. Of course, they don’t need to be potty trained just can’t had active diarrhea recently.


3. Robotic Security

gateThis sign points out the hours of pool use and indicates that the pool locks automatically after 10pm. However, there is a padlock that gets added to the gate after the hours and then removed in the morning. There is nothing automatic about it. A security guard stops by, clears the pool area and then places the lock on the gate.

The gate is equipment with electronic card readers that has the potential to be locked automatically by declining card swipes during certain hours, but that is not what takes place.

When I see this sign and the padlock I get a vision of a cyborg security guard that drives by to lock the gate each night. This would make it both manual and automatic. I know…. I watch too many movies.


Seen any interesting signs lately?
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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

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