After my first four years of living in a snowy climate, I still enjoy shoveling snow. Just like most chores, it is all about having the right tool for the job and not letting the task get out of control. Here are three tools I have found most useful thus far. I recommend getting these on day one to make life easier.

1) Push Broom
(Thanks to my Aunt Fran for this tip)
If the snow is light, fluffy, and not very deep a simple garage push broom is a great tool. The wider the broom the better. I have also seen people use a leaf blower for this type of snow.

2) Wheeled Snow Pusher
This is the #1 most useful tool for snow removal. As long as you keep up with shoveling and only working with a few inches at a time and the snow is not too wet, this tool is the best. It has saved me so much time and strain on my back.

3) Snow Shovel with Spring Assisted Handle
If the snow pusher won’t cut it or you need to clean up some piles from the pusher, this shovel will save your back. The assist handle gives you more leverage and limits the need to bend over with each lift. Wish I had purchased this one before the other shovels in my arsenal.

No, a snow blower is not on my list. I find the above tools to be faster and quieter for the reasonable amount of snow we get in our area. If we start averaging more snowfall each year, I might change my mind.

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