When someone from out of town asks how far something is from my home; I don’t know how to answer them. At first, I want to tell them in miles. In the Los Angeles area this is a meaningless number as it depends which direction you are going and whether you average 60 mph, 30 mph, or 10 mph.  I don’t want to mislead them, so I sometimes answer in minutes (or hours) to travel to a destination.

To complicate this even further, I often converse with people from around the world. This presents a third choice. The decision becomes whether to explain to them the distance in minutes, miles, or kilometers.

Either way it is not really that important which measurement (time or distance) I choose to provide. It is just something that I always process before answering.

How do  you describe distance when people ask  how far something is from your home or office?

2 thoughts on “Distance: Miles or Minutes?

  1. Roseanne Barr used to have a great bit about giving directions like a fat person: drive until you see the Taco Bell, turn left and go to the Krispiy Kreme, turn right and straight on to McDonalds!

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