It has been one week since we moved from Valencia, CA to Liberty Lake, WA and I noticed a number of differences so far. Here are a few in no particular order:

  • Kids are everywhere; without parents, just riding bikes to the store or playing in the neighborhood.
  • Most kids ride their bikes without helmets.
  • Some kids drive a golf cart around the neighborhood.
  • Golf carts are everywhere and drive on the street and sidewalks.
  • The weather seems to change a lot throughout the day.
  • Air conditioners don’t seem to be standard features
  • Gasoline is much less per gallon.
  • Everyone drives slow
  • Drivers leave a lot of room between cars.
  • People don’t speed up when using a turn indicator.
  • Drivers seem to be very courteous and passive.
  • People in general don’t seem to be on guard. They are friendly and open.
  • The days are very long in the summer. It is only dark for about 6 hours in the night.
  • A little rain doesn’t stop people from running and bike riding.
  • Even in the very affluent areas with a Porsche dealer and Mercedes dealer down the street; there are few expensive cars.  Many expensive trucks, but very few high-end autos.
  • The DMV process is painless and efficient.
  • You can’t be in a hurry to go anywhere as people move slow and every transaction includes a friendly conversation.
  • When someone asked “How are you?” at the store they are not just being polite. They really want to know.
  • Many people here came from California.
  • Liquor taxes are very high… like 25%.
  • It is difficult to work with such nice scenery out the window.

Also, I promise not to send too many posts to my friends and family showing  80 degrees on the days  that are 100 degrees in Valencia, if they all promise not to send 80 degree photos on days when it is 15 degrees here.

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