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In 2015, we purchased a 2016 Jayco Redhawk 31XL with the intention of being able to do web development work from anywhere. We purchased this model due to the bunk bed area being able to be partitioned off from the master bedroom and kitchen/living area. Our goal was to remove the bunks and make this area into an mobile office.

After a couple seasons, we still hadn’t done the conversion and even considered selling the RV as it wasn’t fun trying to work and live with all the computers on the dining table. The vision of a mobile office still was not clear as we hadn’t been able to decide on building materials, layout, and whether we were sure removing two beds was a good idea.

Then, we met Kevin and Wendi Powell at a wedding. Kevin and Wendi own Triple 7 Fabrication in Rathdrum, ID and also happen to be Santa Clarita expats. After seeing some of their team’s fabrication work on Facebook, we knew this was the team to help us clarify and complete our vision.

So, I sketched up some rough ideas and brought them to Kevin for a quick consult. Immediately, he understood what we were trying to accomplish, quoted a reasonable price, and was quick to share ideas and suggestions.

After a few weeks of engineering, creativity, and hard work the team delivered a high quality, functional mobile office. They also upgraded the steering stabilizers and sway bars to support the extra weight and provide better handling. The office area included a desk, storage area, dog kennel, under-floor cubby, and the ability to convert into a single bunk. I added an office chair, A/C power outlets, USB ports, and a cellular repeater system to complete the build.

In addition to the mobile office, Triple 7 also engineered and built a custom kayak rack for the back of the RV. This allows us to bring our three kayaks without needing a trailer.

We highly recommend and appreciate Kevin, Wendi, Seth, and team for helping us with this project.

Check out the project photo gallery:

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