Two years ago, I explained that one of my bucket list items in the travel category is to hit all 50 US states.

Thanks to a 9,000 mile roadtrip this summer I got much closer to that goal. Now that I have over 80% complete it is easier to list the states I have yet to visit.

Only 9 more to go:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Hawaii
  • Oklahoma
  • Kansas

  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia


In the next few years, I plan to have this list complete. However, I could use some help for ideas on things to see in a few of the states. For Tennessee, Alaska, and Hawaii I have many ideas on what to see, but am not sure what to do in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia.

Ideas are welcome. Any thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “All 50 States – Part 2

  1. how nice Brian, and Cherise. . Even though you were back in Santa Clarita Valley, and we saw you and your beaufiful famlly, I’m very confident that Simi Valley, in Ventura County, is on your bucket liist for the next adventure. We have a guest bedroom (PS, we have no snow or buffalo here) BUT, we love family, have beaches and a BBQ.

  2. Kentucky can be amazing.. I have tons of places to tell you to see and not just the standard. Mammoth Caves alone is super cool… Appalachia …. Lincoln’s boyhood home… my old Kentucky home…and OMG the corvette factory in bowling green!

    1. They are all fairly close to each other as well. And don’t forget where bourbon etc is made… Though they are dry counties ?. Rent a houseboat near Monticello for lake Cumberland it’s huge and has a LOT of history around it… Call me when you want more

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